Best 5×7 Speakers: How to Choose and What to Choose?

Knowing the exact thing to buy or the right stuff for your need is often not that easy. It usually takes time most especially if you want to have the best quality product.

In choosing the best car speaker or 5x7 speakers, what would be the considerations? As you know, getting the best is not just a matter of luck. Knowledge about the product or having some background of it is very essential.


Discover More About 5x7 Speakers

As you know, there are several types of car speakers. Car stereo system may include the tweeters, midrange, woofers, super tweeters, and subwoofers. Aside from the ranges of sound that you must consider, there are still other features to think of such as the speaker size.


Most of the car speakers are being installed in specific panels or enclosures. Determining the right car speaker size is also one crucial consideration before purchasing speaker.

When it comes to sizes, there are a lot to choose from such as 3 ½ inches, 5 inches, 5 ¼ inches, 6 ½ inches, 5 x 7 inch or 6x8 inch and 6 x 9 inches. The 5" x 7" car speakers are utilized by most vehicles or cars. These sizes of speakers are typically found in your car’s back dash.


What to Consider In Choosing the Best Speaker?

What would be the best speaker to perform well on your car? Let us know the vital factors to consider before deciding to purchase one.

#1. Knowing Sensitivity

Look at the sensitivity features of your prospected speaker. When you see that the sensitivity measure or rating is high and you have a car stereo that is low-powered, then that speaker would be the best fit for your vehicle.

Sensitivity refers to the measure of sound in which the car speaker yields are coming from the power being applied.On the other hand, if your car system is highly powered such as 16 watts RMS, you can consider having a lower sensitivity speaker. So this is how useful sensitivity feature is.


​#2. The Quality of Sound

How would you know whether a speaker sounds good or not? Some of the factors that you should look for is the speaker’s range of frequency. There should be a wider frequency in order for the speaker to create more sounds.

Typically, the highest frequency is 20,000 Hz, and the lowest is 10 Hertz. The speakers with very high frequency are inaudible. Other sound factors to consider is the sensitivity rating.

This is responsible for controlling sound quantity. If you have a low powered stereo, a high sensitivity rating speaker is required

​#3. The Power Handling

The power handling of a speaker let you identify the amount of power, which is measured in watts that it can handle. If your system is a low powered one, then your speakers will not need to handle a great amount of power.

If your system has an external amp that is powerful, you will need a power handling that closely gives outputs to that amps. You should also remember that the basic specification when it comes to power handling is the power handling labeled as maximum RMS and not labeled as peak power handling.

For example, if your system has 2-50 watts RMS, it will be better matched with a stereo that is low powered.


​#4. Know the Type of Speaker You Actually Need

There are varied types of speakers, but it could be divided into two major classifications, the component speaker system and the full-range speaker system.

​In full-range speakers, you’ll have tweeter (for highs) and woofer (for lows). Moreover, in other modern models, there are additional drivers like the super woofer and the midrange. This type of speaker system is ideal when you want a speaker having minimum fuss and muss to replace your factory speakers.

The component speaker, on the other hand, utilizes an advanced speaker design for better sound quality. The component consists of external crossovers, tweeters, and woofers. In this speaker, the music will become more realistic with greater depth.

​The full range speakers are more economical in rates and more available, too. Also, you’ll have a fast and easy way to install this type of system. On the other hand, if you want to customize your speaker system, the component model is a better option.


​#5. Noting the Materials

Being sensitive regarding the material used to construct the speaker you’re about to choose is also crucial. This factor has great influence on the speaker’s sound quality and its life span.

​For example in tweeter, if it’s made with hard materials such as metal, ceramics, and graphite, the better output it will give. If it’s constructed using soft materials like silk, poly and textile blends, it will provide warm sound. Did you know that the design of tweeter affects the sound? Discover more here.

good speaker

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​In woofer, if you want it to have a precise sound of bass, then you should get a woofer made of lighter and stiffer material like polypropylene. Just remember that its surround must be able to endure humidity and heat.

Several factors are affecting the quality of a product. If you want to get the best deals and enjoy the best performance of products like 5x7 speakers, you must be aware of different influential factors.

What to Choose?


When it comes to road trips and other long travel stuff, music is one particular way of adding some lively touch to everyone. That is why having the type of speaker that fits well to your car and matches to your desire creates a lot of difference. With this, we gathered the best 5x7 speakers that suit well to your car.

Reviews of the Best 5x7 Speakers

There are several options when it comes to car speakers. Below are few of the best existing products in the market.

#1. JL Audio C2-570 2-way Car Audio Speakers

JL Audio C2-570x 5x7 2-way Car Audio Speakers (Pair)


This type of speaker is one of the ideal car speaker product that could give your car an excellent sound precision. JL Audio C2-570x 5x7 2-way Car Audio Speakers is designed for those people who wanted to have a pleasant sounding experience in their car.

The speaker is capable of tolerating high power without the chance of being distorted. This is through the polypropylene cones (rugged) that it provides. More than that, you’d be overwhelmed by this 5x7 speaker’s high yet smooth sounding frequency. The speaker’s tweeter provides satisfying sounds, which is best when traveling long roads.

JL Audio C2-570 has other more several vital satisfying capabilities. It contains a crossover (built in) that gives you the assurance that you’ll be hearing smooth play throughout the whole time. You will also love its surrounds, which is butyl rubber.

Other than that, JL Audio C2-570 2-way Car Audio Speaker ensures that it will not give off certain uncomfortable heat and will not overheat. This is an ideal 5x7 speaker for performance and safety.


  • 5x7 speakers that could fit in 6x 8 inches openings of a speaker
  • Good sensitivity speaker
  • Excellent frequency response
  • Play smooth and quality sound
  • The speaker system doesn't give off certain uncomfortable heat and over heat
  • High clear volumes


  • Could be higher price range

#2. Polk Audio AA2571-A MM571 Speaker

Polk Audio AA2571-A MM571 5x7 Coax Speaker


It’s a 5x7 speaker that is brilliantly built due to its quality and strength. The speaker system features a six full range speaker system, nine subwoofers, and three component packages. Moreover, this features three marine designs as well as 18 models that incredibly suits to any application even on land or water.

But despite its several valuable offers, it could be bought at a very favorable price. Your expectation will be satisfied because this speaker is the result of three years careful research development aiming to create exceptional sound quality and fittings.

The distinct feature of this speaker is that it utilizes Klippel Distortion Analyzer, which enables the speaker to be at its maximum performance. This is made possible through the alignment of its voice coil, a motor structure of its woofer and suspension. That is why even the speaker tuning is loud, you’ll still get a quality sound.

Polk Audio AA2571 speaker also has voice coils that are larger in diameter. This just means that the capacity of its power handling, as well as its reliability, will be increased. This 5x7 speaker is one of the favorable consideration when you’re about to replace your present car speaker.


  • Exceptional sounding strength
  • Finer and transient detailed car speaker sound
  • Highly performing speaker system
  • Quality speaker
  • Nice design
  • Amazing features
  • Fits perfectly
  • Plenty of power


  • May not be the best fit if you desire strong mid bass

#3. Alpine SPS-517 Car Speaker

Many of you will surely love a better upgrade to your car speaker. In that case, Alpine SPS-517, as one of the best 5x7 speaker, would be included in your list. It has favorable woofers that are created to give high performance even with low power.

This gives a better option or solution if you want to replace your car speakers that are already blown. With this speaker, you can replace it anytime even without doing an upgrade to your amplifier or head unit.

To achieve a crisp as well as accurate speaker response, Alpine SPS-517 speaker is equipped with polypropylene cone, which is stiff and filled with mineral.

Aside from the sound durability and efficiency that this car speaker provides, the surprising fact that it could be purchased at an affordable price is guaranteed. You’ll pay less while getting an optimum speaker performance.

This speaker is a perfect fit when replacing your car’s factory speaker. It has entirely created bass, and the whole speaker gives clear sounds.


  • Factory speaker’s perfect replacement
  • Provides quality highs, mids as well as lows
  • High-quality components
  • Quality sounding woofers


  • Installation may take some time

#4. Kenwood KFC-C5795PS 3-Way Speakers

This speaker is best when it comes to power as well as sensitivity. Kenwood KFC-C5795PS is a three-way speaker, which allows you to get the best out of its performance. The car speaker system is composed of 5x7 woofer, which is match with one and 3/16” tweeter as well as half super tweeter (ceramic).

The combination of those components let you hear a balance and quality sound in every frequency you set. Kenwood KFC-C5795PS is favorably a great performing speaker for its price. It provides a crisp as well as excellent sound without distorting sound issues. You could also enjoy the great ranges it has.

This is also a better option when upgrading your factory speaker. Unlike other 5x7 speakers, you wouldn’t have a hard time in installing it.


  • Gives crisp, and quality sound for less price
  • No distortion
  • Great response on bass
  • Nice midrange sound
  • Better than factory speakers
  • Easy installation


  • A bit aggressive tweeter

#5. Kenwood KFCC5794PS Performance Series 5 x 7 Inches 3-Way Car Speaker - Set of 2

Kenwood KFCC5794PS speaker is one of those car speakers that would perform according to your expectation. This doesn’t just look well but comes with great sound. Attaching this to your car is straightforward.

It has a three-way subwoofer and brilliant 220W maximum power. This speaker also features 1 and 3/16 inches paper cone tweeter making it water-resistant.

Moreover, if you utilize midrange, the vocals of Kenwood KFCC5794PS speaker increases, which adds to the pleasing, satisfying sounds that most of you looked for. Though you set this in loud volume, you still get nice and clear sounding speaker. If you’re into rock music, this may fit well for you. It’s a speaker with great value.


  • Cone tweeter that is water resistant
  • Great performing speaker
  • High-quality sounds

Good speaker for its size


  • May encounter problem on its packaging

The Best Pick

When finding for valuable items, there are several misleading products that you may include in your options. For finding the best 5x7 speakers, the above choice will surely be helpful. We hope that your confusion is lessened and that you have now the car speaker to fit your car.

Among the best 5x7 speakers, JL Audio C2-570 speaker ranks first. It has varied features that would give a satisfying sounding performance to its users. The speaker has superb, great sound and is very durable.

Hope you learn something from above. If you have further questions or ideas to share, just comment down!


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