Our Top Pick For The Best Backup Cameras With Night Vision

Thanks for this remarkable invention! Backup cameras with night vision capability aid drivers to see objects directly behind their vehicle when backing, especially during the night. In the United States, all leased or sold vehicles will be mandated to have a fully working backup camera system by 2018. 

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This decision will enable cars, light trucks, and other similar vehicles to have a safety feature while reversing to avoid accidents resulting from this unaided maneuver.



Why Will Backup Cameras Be Mandatory In The U.S. In 2018?

The decision to require all vehicles to have backup cameras was influenced by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) of the United States and is embodied in the 2007 Driving Safety Act. This mandate is expected to minimize, if not totally eliminate, the mishaps brought about by the lack of visual aid while backing up.

In addition to this, according to the NHTSA, unintended back-overs result in more than 500,000 accidents annually in the United States alone. Of which, more than 15,000 include some type of injury while more than 210 deaths are recorded, mostly children aged 5 and below (31%) and elderly individuals aged 70 and over (26%). (3)

car in night vision

Unfortunately, still according to the NHTSA, these accidents mostly involved a member of the family, such as parents, brothers, and sisters (70%) who are behind the wheels. The NHTSA also confirmed that there are 1 to 2 children who are killed every week due to incidents of this nature.

What Are The Other Benefits Of Having A Backup Camera?

Aside from saving lives, which are mostly your loved ones, as the NHTSA has confirmed, having a backup camera installed in your car will give you some other benefits that can’t be bought by money. Some of these include the following:

  • Most sophisticated backup cameras are equipped with backup sensors alarming drivers of objects behind the vehicle avoiding damage to properties.
  • Most pets, especially dogs, will also be safer when you have a rear-view camera.
  • Most backup cameras have virtual lines that serve as your guide while backing up. This also shows your backing path in the display. This will ensure safe and quick reversing especially when you are on the rush.
behind the car

How Does A Backup Camera Work?

Common backup cameras are small, wide-angle, and strategically positioned in the trim that surrounds the trunk lid or the handle. It is also pointed downward at a certain angle to have a better view of the surface near the vehicle.

The cameras are attached to the gear shift and also to the monitor or the rear-view mirror when you don’t have an infotainment screens. The mounting position of the backup camera must be unobtrusive and allows a perfect view of your rear. Here’s how a backup camera works:

  • When you shift into reverse to back up, the camera is activated showing you the clear view behind your car.
  • This view will be automatically displayed on your screen, which could be mounted in the center console, your rear-view mirror or in your sun visor.
  • As we have stated above, some backup camera monitors are equipped with lines to show the backing pathway into the display.
  • Your rear lights will also activate in sync with the camera, especially at night, so you see clearly your rear while backing up.
the screen of back up camera

How To Choose The Best Backup Camera

Also called as “rear visibility system”, “rear-view camera”, and “wireless backup camera”, backup cameras come in many variations manufactured by different manufacturers across the globe.

Some backup cameras utilize Bluetooth in sending video to the driver while others use wireless technology. There are still brands that offer wired connection, mirror mounting (as stated above), a difference in price, different in warranties, a variety of lenses used, and even cameras that flip open the moment you shift gear in reverse.


We shall give you an idea of what the best rear-view camera for your vehicle that could satisfy your craving for easy installation, affordability, low maintenance, high-quality visibility, and other features that you may want. Here are some criteria to look for in choosing the best backup camera for your vehicle:

Ease of installation

Choose the one that could be installed easily where you need only simple tools like a screwdriver or a drill.

Value for your money

The product should compensate for its price according to its immense features, functionality, and quality.

Has night vision technology

A rear view camera without night vision capability is useless during darkness. So, better find one with this technology.

Must be user-friendly

The system to run a backup camera should not be too elaborate. The instructions and operations should be simple enough so even ordinary drivers can understand how it functions and can operate the camera easily (including accessories).

Have various applications

You can choose a backup camera with a wide-range of application. If you own several types of vehicles, heavy equipment, light trucks, and other types of vehicles, choose the one that has various applications to serve your interest well.

Top 5 Backup Cameras With Night Vision In 2017

#1. Rear View Safety Backup Camera System with 7" Display (Black) RVS-770613

Rear View Safety Backup Camera System with 7

This backup camera from Rear View Safety (RVS) does offer safety and security after all. The RVS-770613 is a true waterproof product that works in any type of weather. Unlike conventional backup cameras, this product has audio capability where you can hear the sounds and aural info from the back of your vehicle.


  • Has a rating of IP69K in the IEC 60529 rating system. It has the ability to resist ingress of dust and high temperature/pressure of water.
  • Has a 7-inch LCD monitor system that could be mounted universally.
  • Offers 18 IR (infrared) lights allowing the driver to see up to 50 feet even in darkness. This is a night vision feature that makes this product a must for every car owner.
  • Could handle 12-24 volts and offers 3 channels, meaning, you could use 3 different or same type of backup cameras at the same time.
  • Has a pixel resolution of 800 X 400, what you see on your monitor are digital images that appear in crystal clear resolution.
  • Applicable in snowy weather with minimal distortion in images.
  • Its monitor has the capability to display matrix lines allowing you to calculate the room or distance you have back there.
  • Has more flexibility where the camera could be used in either rear or at the front of the vehicle because of the multiplexer control that enhances a mirror and normal images.


  • The camera lenses may fog up in damp weather but the quality of images will not vary. All you need is to wipe them with clean cloth intermittently.

#2. Backup Camera and Monitor Kit Wired and Waterproof For Truck/Semi-Trailer/Box Truck/RV When Reversing Parking Backing to Avoid Blind Area eRapta ER01

Backup Camera and Monitor Kit Wired and...

The eRapta ER01 is an IR (infrared) and a remote visible light camera capable of seeing your rear even in pitch darkness (night vision capability). Additionally, the cable delivers both video and its 12VDC from the camera to the monitor allowing for it to power the system from monitor end cable.


  • Has a single cable connection to the camera.
  • Has a 7” LCD wired monitor, viewing is an absolute relief.
  • It has 18 IR (infrared) lights integrated with CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) sensor that enhances images clearly.
  • Has various applications which can be used in heavy equipment, cars, and other light automobiles.
  • Uses thicker wire (4.5 mm) than standard wires in the industry.
  • Can be installed easily compared to other brands.
  • Waterproof apron and non-corrosive materials, so you are sure of a long-lasting service.
  • Low price compared to other items of its class.
  • The glass lenses enhance a clearer image and with a frame that does not deform over time.
  • Has a wide angle reach and adjustable to a 360-degree view.


  • Slightly heavier (weighs 1.10 lbs) compared to other brands.

#3. Backup Camera Wired 7-Inch Split Quad Monitor and Camera Kit For Truck/Semi-Trailer/Box Truck/RVTrailer/Bus/Tractor When Reversing Parking Backing to Avoid Blind Area

Backup Camera Wired 7 Inch Split Quad Monitor and Camera Kit For Truck/Semi-Trailer/Box Truck/RVTrailer/Bus/Tractor When Reversing Parking Backing to Avoid Blind Area.

If you want total safety for you and your trailer truck and other bigger than the usual vehicle you use daily, try the eRapta 7” Split Quad Monitor Backup Camera. It has two 67 feet and two 34 feet aircraft grade cable that are included in a complete set of a rear visibility system and can be tilted into a 170-degree wide viewing angle. A truly safe device for your truck.


  • It has 4 LED IR (infrared) night vision capability cameras ranging 50 feet. At this distance, the images are still crystal clear and bright.
  • Has a 7-inch LCD color monitor.
  • Can support 4 video cameras and can be easily installed.
  • Has waterproof cameras and sensors with a rating of IP68. This means that the cameras can withstand dust, dirt, and even sand, without having to cover them.
  • Has with remote control.
  • The cameras have a single full view, split dual video view, and quad four source view, each with high resolution of 480 X 234.
  • Has Built-in Quad Control Box Screen Function allowing you to see 4 images at the same time or only one in the whole screen if you so desire.


  • The camera is not equipped with an audio system.

#4. Tadibrothers 7 Inch Monitor with Wireless License Plate Backup Camera

Tadibrothers 7 Inch Monitor with Wireless License Plate Backup Camera

The Tadibrothers 7-inch Wireless Backup Camera has a military grade night vision capability and is fully waterproof and shock resistant that works well with sedans, minivans, buses, SUVs, trucks, and other cars. This TadiBrothers brand is quite unique where its LCD monitor displays images in brilliant colors and impressively high resolution. Every car must have this type of rear view camera and you don’t need cables.


  • Easy to install. You only need to mount this camera into your license plate screws. There is no need to drill holes or mount brackets.
  • Has wireless technology. A very reliable one, this advanced technology backup camera system allows you to view images on your back without using cables.
  • With two video inputs perfect for the camera reception, game system or a DVD player, and has a remote control.
  • The camera can be connected to your car’s cigarette lighter as a power source.
  • Clear visibility is up to 50 feet and could be angled at 120-degree.
  • Cameras could be operated continuously even if not reversing.
  • The LCD monitor is designed to work even in direct sunlight and a soft light during night time viewing.


  • You may experience some interference on the signal sometimes, but this is a normal occurrence on a wireless technology.

#5. Rear View 130-degree CCD Back Up Camera with 18 Built-in Infrared for RV's, Trucks, & Trailers - Built-in Microphone to Hear Surroundings

Rear View 130° CCD Back Up Camera with 18 Built in Infra-reds for Rv's, Trucks, & Trailers - Built-in Microphone to Hear Surroundings

The Rear View Safety (RVS) CCD Backup Camera is a very affordable piece of backup camera that is in mirror image. This product uses the Sharp Color CCD camera technology with an impressive 250,000-pixel capability which is really amazing as it beams up to 50 feet of clear vision even during night time.


  • Has a night vision capability.
  • Has a built-in microphone so you could hear the back sounds and other noises.
  • The product comes with 66 feet of high-quality cable and aircraft grade connectors.
  • Adjustable within the 130-degree angle.
  • Weather-proof casing and can withstand 10G of impact rating.


  • The camera could only be used in the rear of the vehicle.
  • Not totally waterproof, not advisable for low mounting on a car where water may seep.


As we go along with every product’s amazing features and traits, we settle for the Rear View Safety Backup Camera System with 7" Display (Black) RVS-770613. This product is not the most expensive among the products that we have featured, the reasonable price compensates for its immense features.

This one has a wire capability, night vision, easy to install, could be used in various applications, and easy to use, among other great features.

Sure enough, this Rear View Safety Backup Camera System with 7" Display (Black) RVS-770613's striking display of images on its 7-inch monitor is undeniably splendid and just what we need, we are certain that it’s worth every penny of our investment.

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Thank you!


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