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12 Defensive Driving Tips

Becoming a defensive driver will reduce the likelihood of auto collisions, protect yourself and other people on the road. In reality, not all people drive well but everyone believes they have enough ability to operate a vehicle safely. Some drivers, particularly boys, weave between lanes while some do speed. Many careless driving behaviors are occurring […]

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Top 10 Factors that Affect Auto Insurance Rates

If you are here, you’re probably wondering why your car insurance premiums are through the roof. You’re probably asking yourself, “Why do my auto insurance rates keep rising?” Or perhaps you’re just tired of emptying your wallet and are in the market for a cheaper insurance company.No matter why you’re here today, we take a […]

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A Guide to Remote Start Installation

If you are the proud owner of a new remote start system, take a minute to review our installation guide. We will go over some of the basic steps you need to take to install your new remote start system. Keep in mind that the following helpful guide is for remote starts designed for automatic […]

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Car Rental Insurance: Do I Really Need It?

While it may be enticing to opt-out of the car rental insurance you were offered at the rental counter, it’s crucial that you ensure you have some level of car rental insurance coverage first. If you’re ever in the position where you have to file an insurance claim on a rental vehicle, the coverage you […]

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