Do You Really Need GPS on your Dash Cam?

Having GPS built into your dash cam can prove to be vitally important. Many dash cams on the market simply don’t have this feature, and it’s a great disservice to drivers everywhere. 

Imagine being pulled over for speeding when you know you absolutely weren’t. If your dash cam has GPS, you can prove your speed at the time of being ticketed. This will often help keep your insurance rates down.

This is just one example of GPS coming in handy. There are other, more serious scenarios that wouldn’t be possible without GPS. Today, we’re going to look at why having a GPS-enabled dash cam is a must for every driver.

We will examine how its features can be beneficial to you. Obviously, we would like everyone to use dash cams with GPS. If you currently aren’t using a GPS-enabled dash cam, you should seriously consider investing in one soon.


The Importance of GPS

Dash cams come with all sorts of features, and what works best for one person may not be needed for another. One feature that everyone should have, though, is GPS, as it will ensure that you are getting the absolute best in safety.

Why is GPS so important?

With GPS, you get additional features that standard dash cams simply can’t provide. 

Let’s say you are driving along on a highway and a car in the other lane begins veering over into yours. With GPS enabled, your dash cam will alert you to this, allowing you to adjust accordingly. This simply isn’t possible with lesser dash cams. 

You can also keep track of your speeds, as well as your driving location. These can come in mighty handy when faced with a speeding ticket. GPS keeps constant track of your driving behavior during travel, and this includes your rate of speed. 

As such, you have the ability to play back your driving log in the event that you are ticketed. This can help to keep your insurance rates down and possibly even get your ticket dropped. No one likes to get points against their driver’s license. 

Thanks to the revolutionary use of GPS in dash cams, it’s now easier to prove your innocence and avoid potentially ruining your driving record. 

How GPS Works

So, how is all this possible? 

GPS works by picking up signals by satellite, providing you with invaluable data. In fact, GPS is often more accurate than your car’s speedometer.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the GPS system.

  • Satellites are in orbit above the earth
  • Ground stations ensure the location of the satellites
  • The GPS receiver on your dash cam connects to the satellites
  • This receiver then calculates the necessary data based on your location

When researching dash cams, always be sure to check if it has the GPS feature. Some models can be upgraded with an additional module that enables GPS, but others come with GPS built in. 

The Rove R2-4K is probably the best-selling model in the US, with built-in GPS and numerous positive reviews from experts online. However, regardless of which model you ultimately decide on, it’s GPS that will give you the protection that you need for a safer driving experience.

Accidents and GPS

Most of us have had to deal with an accident to some degree. Whether a minor fender bender or something more severe, accidents are an unfortunate part of driving. 

With GPS enabled on your dash cam, you have the necessary evidence of the accident to provide to your insurance company. This can be vital in proving you weren’t at fault, thus preventing your insurance rates from skyrocketing.

You will be able to see the exact location of the accident upon playback of the recorded video. This not only includes street names, but also the location of nearby vehicles. Of course, the time and date will also be handy to corroborate your side of the incident.

And since your rate of speed is recorded, this can play a big role in showing you weren’t the cause of the accident.

Even better, GPS allows everyone to see the posted speed limit of the area you were traveling, thereby proving that you were obeying the law at the time of impact.

Why You Need GPS

Anyone who has been driving for any length of time knows that insurance scams are all too real. Unfortunately, there are people out there who prey on unsuspecting drivers by trying to purposefully get in wrecks and net a free payday.

Traditional dash cams can only see so much. But with a GPS dash cam, you have the ultimate bird’s eye view of what took place in an accident, and where it took place.

If you’re the victim of one of these unscrupulous scams, a GPS-enabled dash cam can provide the necessary evidence to turn the tide in your favor!


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