Installing Component Speaker in a Car-How to Do It Right?

Do you have a newly bought component speaker yet you don’t know how to install it correctly? As a car owner, gaining knowledge on how to install component speakers is one helpful thing. With that, we will help you learn more about it.



What Is Component Speaker?

First, let’s have a background on what component speaker is and its difference from regular type speakers. The component speaker refers to the speakers that consist of separate crossovers, sub-woofers, tweeters, super tweeters, and woofers.

When you use these parts together, you will have a speaker system that covers a whole audio spectrum.

Below are what comprise the component speaker:

  • Woofer. The woofer can create sounds, having 10-1000 Hz frequency range. This is responsible for emitting the deep bass sound.
  • Tweeter. Tweeters, on the other hand, produce up to 20, 000 Hz frequencies. It’s designed to give you sound with a good sound level of bass.
  • Super Tweeter. The super tweeter could produce ultrasonic frequencies of sounds that are over 2 000 Hz. It’s a component that could emit more frequencies without sound distortion.
  • Subwoofer. The subwoofer, on the other hand, could produce a high frequency and quality of sound.
  • Crossover. The crossover is responsible for breaking the definite frequency’s single signal into several signals that have different high, mid or low frequencies. This sends a particularly high frequency to the speaker’s tweeter and the low frequency to the woofers.

These set of speakers are different from the regular speakers or the full range (coaxial) speakers. In this speaker system, the woofer, drivers and the tweeter are being combined in one system to save space as well as money. Both the sub tweeter, woofers, and tweeters do similar function as the speaker operates.

​The Installation Process: How to Install Component Speaker?

Some of the tools you will need to install component speaker includes the following:

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Since the component speakers utilize different audio components separately in producing clear and loud sound, the installation of its entire components should be done with proper flexibility and control. In this speaker system, you are required to invest a lot of effort and time just to do its installation successfully.

If you own a car, it will be very satisfying to set up your own car’s component system. It may take some time, but it will be worth your effort. We love to share this guide on how to install the component speaker.

Since component speaker or system uses audio components separately, you need to know how to install each of those. Below are the guides on how to install the component speaker.


Before you start the installation process, see to it that the changes or modification you’ll do will not affect or interfere with the mechanisms of your car.


Here are other things you need to know about installing woofer:

  • You can install the woofer in the typical place designed for it, such as the kick panels, doors, and dash. But there are also several cases where you can attach on in the location of factory speaker.
  • You may do few adjustments or no adjustments at all on it. Try option “easy fit.”
  • Drill another hole for screws. Then cut a small door panel’s file, pressboard or metal portion.
  • You can also use the “Modify Fit” option, but this needs a high degree of drilling and cutting.
  • See to it that it perfectly fits without any possible arising problem.
  • Whether it is “modify” or “easy” fit, you need to prepare your patience as the installation process.


Tweeters can be installed on your dash, kick or sail panels and door. When installing it, the modification is needed because only a few cars come with mounted factory tweeter. The range of changes you may do depend on the way it’s attached.


If you use surface mounting, the tweeter will just be settled on top of a surface. There will be less modification done, yet the installation spot will be noticed easily. On the other hand, if it’s a flush- mount one, the installation will have a favorable customized and smooth look.

The following are simple ways to install it:

  • Cut a hole in your car’s door panel for this component to be of the same level as your interior panel.
  • Mount or attach the tweeter within the woofer’s 12 inches. This is needed to prevent the low and high frequencies from reaching your ears with a variation of time.



Step 1: Select the Speaker and Amps

  • To prevent having an imbalance and low-quality sound it’s better to have the speaker as well as amps that could provide the required power. Take note the RMS rating. The RMS rating of your speaker and amps should be close enough.
  • The size of the speaker is also beneficial for the response and preferences. The bigger speaker could be louder yet could have a slow response. One of the ideal size dimensions is the 5x7 speakers. There are several speakers in the marker that is why knowing how to choose and what to choose is essential. To get to know the best 5x7 speaker, click here.
  • Also, you must see to it that the speaker box that you purchase contains hole of the similar size of the speaker.

Step 2: Do the wiring

  • Begin with wiring the source or power coming from your battery. Find the opening of the firewall of your car. This refers to the metal wall settled under your car’s hood, which is closest to its windshield.
  • Run most of the power wire of cable through the firewall’s hole. Just make sure that you leave enough wire length to reach the battery.
  • Strip off the end of wire insulation to where the battery is located. Run and connect the cable to where it’s designated. You can use a wiring diagram for easy reference on wiring.
  • The next is, wiring the remote and the audio. You can have lots of tutorials regarding this wiring such as basics of wiring. If you also want to learn about the speaker wiring on series, watch the 2 videos below:

Step 3: Place the speaker in a box

  • In doing this, see to it that an important thin gasket is still on it. When the speaker box contains own outside connectors, see to it that it’s wired to the inside of the speaker.
  • Then, screw the box of the speaker. Set the speaker up.

Step 4: Wire the amp

  • Doing this is simple, you just need to connect the cable coming from the battery to Amps’ location.

Step 5: Add the power

  • Connect the power cable to the battery.



Step 1: Find the favorable location for attaching crossover

You could typically place it between the receiver and the amp. In selecting the perfect location, make sure that the spot could be easily accessed. It’s also essential to attach it to the portion that’s made of steel.

Step 2: Attach the crossover

To securely attach it, you should use screws on the audio’s crossover. Check the installation by shaking it a little. If it’s loose, you can tighten it with additional screws.

Step 3: Install the wires

Just connect the end line of the cable to this component and the other end is connected to the battery. Remember that crossover needs a small energy amount.


Step 4: Create grounding on this audio component

For grounding, mount a single bolt near your car’s metal area. Mount another bolt above the first one. Afterward, connect the ground to the largest amp on the first bolt and the electronic crossover on the second one.

Step 5: Turn-on Lead Connection

Tap the connection to the turn-on lead of the amp or the turn-on signal of the crossover. The wire in this is typically blue in color. Then, connect the two leads.

Step 6: Create a signal connection

Connect this component to a receiver port through a patch cable. For safety and insulation, wrap it with electrical tape.



Component speakers all send out dynamic and detailed sound to the listeners. Each component contributes to the balance and satisfying sound. Installing component speaker could be a bit difficult that’s why learning how to install component speaker is important.

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