Tips on How to Make Generators Quiet: Try These Now

This article will help you discover the best tips on how to make generators quiet. Read on to learn more about these tips and make a quiet generator!

So you’re too annoyed by the fact that the generator is too loud? Though it’s natural that a generator is loud, still you want to find ways on how to make it at least a bit quieter. You might be one of those people who is looking for ways on to make generators quiet, right? If yes, you’ve come to the right place!

Generator plays a significant role in almost industries particularly in times wherein electricity isn’t available. With generators, you will have a supply of power or might not require 50 amp RV plug and so could continue doing things that require the use of electricity.


​However, generators could also be annoying on your part due to the loud sound it produces. It is not just you who might be annoyed but your neighbors too. So, finding the best solution to that problem must never be ignored. Good to know that you can have some tips when it comes to dealing with the loud sound of your generator.

Here, I will be providing you some of the best tips that you can try in order to at least lessen the loud sound of your generator. To learn more, continue reading.

How to Make Generators Quiet? Here Are Some Essential Tip

Make sure that you inspect the exhaust.

The same with the importance of the mouth, the exhaust is also one of the significant key compartments of the generator, especially in most portable generators for RV which must always be inspected. You should be aware that the noise from the generator comes from the two most important parts and these are the exhaust and the engine which burns the fuel.

There is nothing much to do with the engine. However, you could install a bigger muffler to the exhaust of your generator. You could either replace it with a big muffler or for those professionals out there, and you could replace it with the muffler of your car. 


Move the exhaust pipe vertically.

Generally, the exhaust pipes of the generators are horizontal that sends the sound waves in a direction making it a lot even louder as well as irritating noise. And to make it worse, the exhaust might be channeled toward the house directly.

So, by vertically altering the direction of the exhaust pipe, the waves would be channeled up than out making the generator generate a lot quieter sound. There will be a major improvement to the generator but will still be noticeable. 

Construct an enclosure to the generator.

This is considered as one of the most efficient ways in curbing the noise of the generators. You could build a solid floor along with a brick or wooden enclosure around the generators as this would help in absorbing the produced noise.

Once you put a fireproof insulator on the enclosure, it would help in absorbing as well as deflecting the noise that is generated by the generator. However, make sure that the room is spacious and well-ventilated for the generator. 

It could be harmful once the room becomes too much heated up and once the fume coming from the exhaust begins building up into the enclosure. So, it is best to add an electric fan that helps with offering air flow across the generator preventing it from overheating. 

Avoid installing the generator near your house.

You should be aware of the fact that the farther the generator is from your place, the quieter it would be. This is the least expensive tip you can consider but the most effective way when it comes to dealing with a noisy generator set.

Nevertheless, you must make sure that you should keep it safe from certain damages or secure it from being tampered with.


Put the generator in a proper position.

The way you place the generator would always affect how loud it would be. Once possible, you have to make sure that you position the generator wherein the exhaust points away from your place. You should know by now that the exhaust is the loudest part of the machine, so take care of it by directing it away from your place.

Make sure that you have installed a sound deflector.

Once building the enclosure for the generator, it is not always best to build it far from home. Rather, installing a sound deflector might just be the right option to consider.

This would mean that you will put something which would redirect the noise away from the house. In most cases, many individuals would build a wall in between the generator and their homes, and the wall refracts the sound making the generator a bit quieter. 

Buying a quiet generator could also be considered.

And of course, aside from the different ways on how to make generators quiet, why not consider buying a quiet one? Big generators are manufactured in order to be utilized on most construction sites, and some other main areas wherein noise is not an issue.

But, there are also numbers of generators that are built to be quiet, and so they are meant to be used in residential and public areas. This option will not just save you from having a noisy machine but would also avoid the wrath of your neighbors that might also be irritated by the noise of your generator. 


Additional Tips and Warnings

If you have experimented different types of mufflers like the homemade retrofitted automotive muffler, and yet nothing has happened, you can consider building a sound dampening enclosure for the generator.

But, you should be wary not to install or run a gen set or other internal combustion engine in a building or enclosure that would lead to deadly exhaust fumes into a building wherein animals or people occupy. And besides, you should never go inside a building wherein a generator or an internal combustion is running as it could lead to death. 

You must not install a generator in close to combustible materials too as for preventing the risk of fire.

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Final Thoughts

Indeed, turning a noisy generator to a quiet one might not be that easy. There could be different ways that should be considered. With all the tips that are provided concerning how to make generators quiet, whether you are a professional in terms of dealing with your generator or not, you could definitely deal with a noisy machine and therefore have a peace of mind. You only need to follow the said details for a desirable and suitable result.

These are the important things that you should consider if you want a silent generator or if you plan to buy the best portable generators for RV. Watch this video for more help on how to quiet your generator:

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