How To Manually Move A Power Seat? Know Full Details Here

Are you currently having a problem regarding your car’s power seat? Moving your vehicle’s chair to wherever direction you wish is somewhat relaxing and comfortable. But in time, you will undoubtedly face such problems that require you to learn how to manually move a power seat.Where could the problem be when your power seat doesn’t move the way you wanted to?


Usual Problems of Car’s Power Seat

When your car power seat seems to be in fine condition but fails to more either in different ways, the problem may lie on its switch. If so, it should be removed for testing. For safety purposes, a wiring diagram might be needed to know what particular switch terminals are connected or should be connected to retrain some specific functions. If you want to know how to install switches on your car, watch the video below

You must carefully remember that arranging wires without studying or looking into wiring diagram could bring hazard on you.

The Power Seat

The power seat usually refers to the front chair or seat of a car, which is equipped with an electric motor that controls the positioning or movement of the car seat. There is a power switch that appears similarly as a small joystick. It is attached to the seat’s lower portion enabling the driver to move or adjust the seat in various position. Anything he/she likes.

It could be adjusted through the use of a set of electric motors. Most of the automobiles of cars having this have controls designed for the driver’s seat only. With this seat, occupants or passengers can adjust their seat through its switch.


What Are The Usual Features Of Power Seat?

Power seat is a unit with 6-way functions. You should know that there are other kinds of power seat that you should know. In power seat, you have mostly two different configuration options. The popular one is mostly the 4-way seat.

​You could move power seat up and down, forward or backward and other different reclining places depending on what you desire. This is the type of seat which is initially provided to a high-end type of cars or automobiles.

But it also then becomes available to lower end type of cars or automobiles such as trucks (pickup). The breakthrough on electrical motor innovation enables the motor seats to be long lasting and more durable.


​The Front Seats Which Are Electrically Adjustable

The upper or top control of the power seat is for the backrest adjustment. On the other hand, the lower control is designated for the adjustment of the legroom and the individual adjustment of the front height.

​Power Seat Function in Your Car

The power seat contains electric power, which is responsible for achieving a variety of freedom movements of your car’s front seat. This means that you will not anymore move it through the use of levers. For more practical use, the power seats typically go with particular memory options. This type of seat is the replacement for bar or lever type front seat.

​How to Move Power Seat Switch?

What is the power seat switch? The switch of the power seat is one of its vital features for its control. Whenever the passenger or occupant pushes it, the inside connections are stopped or closed and then the current is permitted to flow into the motor’s seat adjustment. It’s like a small joystick.

​When dealing with power seats, such as when replacing or installing a defective switch, the tools that you need may include the following:

power seat of car

The adjustment motors of the power seat are bidirectional. The rotation direction of the motor is dependent on the particular direction that the switch is being set or pushed. That’s why when it’s not performing very well, you should check it before you left with the choice to manually move a power seat.

In removing the switch of a power seat, be guided by the following:

Step 1. Disconnect the power seat’s negative battery cable.

Carefully do it and after you’ve done it, set it aside.

Step 2. Remove the trim panel of the seat.

In doing this, you will need screwdrivers for moving out screws. Afterward, pull the trim panel of the sea away from its cushion for the release of its remaining clips. You may use some of the desired tools for trim panel removal.

Step 3. Remove the screw from the panel switch.

With the use of screwdrivers, take out those screws that are responsible for holding the switch panel.

Step 4. Remove the power seat switch electrical connector.

You can do it through pushing down the tab and then slide it off.


Step By Step Instruction on How to Manually Move a Power Seat

So what are the specific things you should do to manually move it? Carefully note the following:

Step 1. Move out the housing or case.

Unscrew some portions of the housing of your motor to free the cable from it. For you to see and fixed what should be fixed inside, it is vital to first remove the screws. You will need screwdrivers such as Philips screws to do it. When doing so, remember to keep the detached screws properly.

​Step 2. Look into the tubing.

Inside of a tube or conduit (plastic), you will see a wire propeller (woven), which drives the motor. Carefully observe what’s inside the conduit and the wiring connections.

​Step 3. Attaching sides.

Attach one of the sides before the motor and drill. This is to make sure that the seat motor will work. When performing it, make sure that you mounted it securely and that it works perfectly fine. This will ensure that the seat motor will work. You have to attach each side one by one because this would just move one seat motor per time.


​Step 4. Properly Connecting Lines.

Find the right pair of connection so that you’ll avoid some self-risk. You must carefully remember that arranging wires without studying or looking into wire diagram could bring hazard on you.

When the motor of your seat is not working, this is one right thing to do. This is one of the easiest ways when you found out that your seat motor is not fully working. You can do this to manually move power seat. With this method, you will be able to adjust your power seat to whatever direction you’d love to. When the motor is connected to the power, it will go to the movement you desired.

Final Thoughts

Having a fully working and capable power seat could not just provide you peace but may save a lot of your temper and patience. As a car owner, it is important for you to learn how to manually move a power seat, not just for your safety but also for your welfare.

Hope you learn from the given steps above. Because if in case you feel uncomfortable with the position of your power seat, you can do something to it. If you have further questions of you have something in mind to share, just leave your comments, and it will be deeply appreciated.


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This is a worthless video. It really does not tell you any specifics. The terms used are not accurate and seems to have been written by a 6th grader who wishes he knew what he’s talking about. I have wasted a lot of time looking for help only to run across posts that seem to be there only to fill a hole for someone doing a search for genuine information. Ray Charles could do a better job!

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Need more diagrams and pictures. After a while I and a few friends couldn’t figure out what we were supposed to do. Very confusing

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i cant figure out how to move the seat without power to the seat so jackass cut and rip out my controls the the passager seat

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