How To Replace The Evaporator Core On A Chevy Truck


So, are you familiar with the evaporator core of a Chevy truck? Also called the heater core, the evaporator core is considered an essential component of the air conditioning system of a Chevy vehicle. It provides the actual cooling.

Once you notice it stops functioning, you need to remove the evaporator coil and change it. Doing the job on your own is possible, providing that you have the necessary auto repair knowledge and tools. And, we will discuss the entire process here.

Chevy Truck

Symptoms of a Bad Evaporator Core

One of the common signs of a lousy evaporator core is the stink of engine coolant in the cabin. Most of the stench comes from the floor below the dashboard.

The worst symptom of a failed evaporator core is the engine overheating or a failed engine head gasket. You will notice that the heater inside your Chevy blows quite warm, even on the hottest surroundings. This happens if the evaporator core is blocked. 

Replacing the Evaporator Core (Heater Core) in a Chevy Truck

Contrary to some beliefs, removing and replacing the evaporator core is a time-consuming and complicated task, mainly because it is located behind the dashboard on the passenger. Apart from knowing how to adjust camber on Chevy truck, of course, you need to know how to replace its heater core. 

Items Needed

Before starting, here are the items you will need to prepare:

Note: This is for a 94 Chevy truck, but other models will be the same.

Items Needed


Step 1: Remove the battery cable from the battery terminal. To ensure the cable will not touch the battery connection, place it to one side.

Step 2: Completely drain out the coolant liquid inside the pan by opening the release valve. You can find the release valve on the bottom of the radiator.

Step 3: Extract the mounting bolts from the modular duct. Use a socket wrench to do this. Afterward, haul out the modular duct from within of the glove compartment.

Step 4: Now, remove the heater hoses. Plug them with a handful of rags.

Step 5: Haul out the heater core mounting bolts using a socket wrench. Then, extract the heater core from your Chevy truck.

Step 6: You are now ready to install the new evaporator core. Change all the mounting bolts and then put the hoses and modular duct thoroughly back in the place. Add water and coolant until the evaporation core is full.

Step 7: Start your Chevy vehicle and allow for some time to blow the hot air out of the system.

Enjoy your ride!

Do this at your own risk. But if you think you're not capable of doing the task by yourself, seeking professional help is highly recommended. Watch this video below to learn various tricks in replacing the evaporator of a Chevy Silverado:

So as you see, changing an evaporator core doesn't sound easy. You need to spend a lot of time just to get access to the evaporator core. It is placed under the dash and requires the removal of various compounds for access. The process may or may not be similar to other models.

How Often Does Evaporator Core Need To Change?

In most cases, evaporator core problems are related to a lack of cooling system maintenance in the engine. Engine coolant sits inside the engine; therefore rust and corrosion are prevented with anti-corrosive agents.

With these protective chemicals, rust and corrosion take place over time. Though replacing the heater core of your vehicle is not often necessary, it may not be able to make 100,000 miles ride compared to those cars that make replacement a part of their car maintenance.

 Evaporator Core


​Maintaining the overall condition of your Chevy is vital if you want a long-term investment. With that, it is important that you should know the right way on how to replace the evaporator core of your Chevy truck before a worse problem arises. You want a smooth and fun driving all the time, right?

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Joe - March 4, 2019

There actually is a difference between an evaporator coil and a heater coil. One provides air conditioning and the other provides heat.

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David - June 20, 2019

Obviously not a 94 as mentioned in the text.


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