Seafoam Oil vs Marvel Mystery Oil: The Ultimate Booster To Challenge The Engine Performance

An engine is the heart of the vehicle. As the blood flows through your heart, the fuel flows through the engine. What happens if there is a blockage in the fuel lines? Your engine may not suffer a cardiac arrest but will lose its performance, efficiency and ability to run smoothly.



You would have experienced the same and wondered why it happened. Now in this article, you are going to know about the reasons behind the dip in the engine performance and effective ways to counter it.

The engine performance is mainly affected by the internal clogging and carbon deposits due to combustion in the engine. The varnish and gum build-up are the two main contributors to internal clogging of the engine.

The clog settles on the surfaces of the pistons, rings, lifters, and cylinder. The clogging also lowers the supply of oil to the engine and affects the lubrication and cooling of the engine.

You must remove the sludges and carbon residues built up on your engine surface using a special treatment process. The accumulated sludges and residues are removed by using special treatment oils such as Marvel Mystery oils and Seafoam oils.

In this article, you will see the importance, need and advantages of the different oils used to improve our engine performance and efficiency.


How To improve Your Engine Energy Using Sea Foam Oil

Sea Foam

Seafoam motor treatment is one of the most trusted treatments of the engine. Seafoam oil is made up of only petroleum ingredients. Seafoam is added as a fuel additive to the fuel system. Sea foams are used to re-liquefy the residue built up on the engine surfaces and flush them out.

Their primary function is to remove the varnish and carbon deposits in the engine. Now let us see how the sea foam oil is used to remove the carbon deposits and internal clogging in the engine and helps in improving the performance of the engine.

Carbon-deposit removal


Carbon is one of the by-products of combustion in the engine. Carbon deposits accumulate in the combustion chamber and on the valves and pistons. They affect the performance of the engine and result in higher fuel consumption, engine knocking, hard starting and overheating.

Adding sea foam oil reduces the carbon formation in the combustion process and leads to cleaner burning cylinder. The carbon build-up at the spark plug is reduced and the lifespan of the spark plug is increased. They also help in reducing the internal friction in the engine.

Removal of internal clogging

The seafoam treatment in the vehicles performs the following actions:

  • Dissolve and remove the fuel residues and deposits in the fuel injectors, carburetors, and their passages.
  • Clean and lubricate the pistons, intake valves, and cylinders.
  • Remove the fuel residues present in the fuel system.
  • Dissolve oil deposits in the Crankcases
  • Control the moisture content present in the fuel
  • Add corrosion resistance and lubrication to the fuels.
  • Stabilize the fuels against evaporation and oxidation. Seafoam is one of the best long time fuel stabilizers.

How it is added to engine

The sea foam oil can be added as an additive along with engine oil, mixed with the fuel and can be sprayed over the engine components to remove the residue and varnish build-up on the surfaces. You can click here to know about the addition of sea foam oil to various places in the engine and their functions.

Click on the link to shop for Seafoam oil products from amazon.com. You can find a sea foam oil spray suitable for your engine here.

The Magic Of Marvel Mystery Oil In A Bad Engine

Marvel Mystery oil

Marvel mystery oil is one of the products of the Marvel Oil Company. Marvel Mystery oil is a blend of petroleum and chemicals used to clean and maintain the fuel jets. Marvel mystery oil got its name when its founder Burt Pierce answered as “It’s a mystery” when enquired about its formula. Today they are recognized for their mysterious ability to cure and prevent any engine ailment.

Marvel mystery oil was invented to avoid the clogging problems in the fuel jets during the World War II. They are initially designed to avoid carburetor problems due to clogging of lead and other contaminants in the fuel jet. But, the mystery oil had the ability to provide better combustion and improved the power of the engine.

Marvel mystery oil is used to lubricate the entire fuel system of the vehicle. They can flow through areas where motor oil cannot reach as per the design. And provide the required lubrication and extend the lifespan of the components.

Now let us look at the magic of Marvel Mystery oil to remove the carbon deposits and internal clogging in the engine and how they improve the performance of the engine.


Removal of internal clogging

When you turn off your engine, a small drop of fuel is left over at the edge of the fuel injector. The tiny droplet of fuel solidifies into a varnish type residue. Over a period, the residue gets accumulated at the fuel injector openings and blocks the fuel flow.

The blockage lowers the engine performance, efficiency, and lifespan. The clogging may also occur on the intake valves and affects the movement of valves too. The marvel mystery oil washes liquefy the varnish and gum build-up and flush them outside the engine.

Carbon-deposit removal

They also flush out the carbon deposits formed due to the combustion in the engine. They reduce the carbon deposits in the internal layers of the engine and reduce internal friction inside the engine cylinder. The carbon build-up at the spark plug is removed and leads to increased life span of the spark plugs.


How it is added to engine

Marvel mystery oil can be added as an additive with engine oil or mixed with fuel to the engine. They flow through all the nooks and corner of the engine and provide better lubrication and cooling to the engine.

They also flush out the residue, varnish, and carbon in the engine and helps to improve the engine performance. Click here to know about the functions of marvel mystery oil in the engine when added as both the additive with the engine oil and mixed in the fuel.

​Click on the link and shop for Marvel mystery oil products available. You can learn more about the marvel mystery oil and their applications by visiting their official website.

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Formation of carbon residues and varnish clogging over a period will damage your engine completely and degrade the performance of your engine. You must keep our engine and fuel supply system clean and avoid the accumulation of the carbon residues and varnishes.

The carbon residues built up in the engine must be removed to achieve good combustion environment, engine performance, and fuel efficiency. Both the sea foam oil and marvel mystery oil can be used to clean and flush out the carbon residues and the clogging of varnishes.

The engine is subjected to a compression test to find out the best-suited oil for your engine. The oils must be able to maintain the pressure range during both hot and cold working processes. Please click on the video below to watch the compression test of the engine performed with both the sea foam oil and marvel mystery oil.

A clean engine with optimum performance will give you smooth ride experience, fuel efficiency and save money. The engine must be serviced and maintained periodically to get optimum performance and fuel economy.

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Avatar for Moe Shouse
Moe Shouse - December 17, 2017

i have been useing MMO oil for over 30 years. i the only issue is that when you use in gasoline it seams to not do any magic. untill you get 200,000 miles or more. then you figure out that ” HAY this engine runs great, and start VERY fast.” i even used it to lube my RC engines after every run. about seafoam i will NOT say any thing bad about that product. i just have not used it.

Avatar for Jack
Jack - February 25, 2019

I was experimenting with my 1972 318 Plymouth Satellite, I have been using canola oil in my motor for 3 years, it was a little low so I added Marvel Mystery oil about 3 weeks later my oil light started blinking but the oil was full but had tiny rubbery chunks in it, the while on the freeway at 60mph it lost speed then seized solid! Dont use additives, just a high quality oil!

    Avatar for Chris
    Chris - July 19, 2019

    No im sure your dumb ass using CANOLA oil in your engine caused the seize not the MMO you brain dead fool sell your car to a real owner like me who will take care of it

Avatar for Jrsenterprises1@Outlook.com
[email protected] - September 27, 2019

Marvel mystery bottle added to gas oil result no start fouling 13 gallons remedy plugs fouled renew-pump bad gas mix out drained bad from other vehicles now 89 Chevy lindy camper won’t start remedy drain out bad gas start over?


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