Are Wheel Spacers A Good Idea Or A Bad Idea, You Decide?

There is much debate as to whether wheel spacers are a good idea or a bad idea. It can be confusing when people start talking about offset and using wheel spacers. Some people even think spacers can be dangerous and should not be used for competitive motorsports.

The following information should help you make that choice for yourself. This short video will also help you to decide whether wheel spacers are good or bad.


What Purpose Do Wheel Spacers Serve?

Wheel spacers will give you extra wheel track width. Some say that wider is better, and it is a marvelous way to enhance the grip and handling of your vehicle.

With the wheels pushed out, it will enable your car to be more stable and predictable when pushed to its limits. This procedure gives the impression of having wider rims without the expense of buying new rims, tires, and of course, the labor of fitting.

  • Bigger Brake Clearance

If you have decided to go for a big brake kit, you may need to determine whether wheel spacers are a good idea or a bad idea as you might need the extra clearance.

Most of the big brake kits require 17-inch rims or bigger and fitting may be tricky. Wheel spacers may just give you the extra room you need for the brake kit to fit well. Poorly fitted brake kits can have a devastating impact on your day. You can find quality brake kits here.

Power Stop K3167 Front Z23 Evolution Brake Kit with Drilled/Slotted Rotors and Ceramic Brake Pads


  • Additional Aesthetic Appeal

The looks of your car are completely personal. Some people like that flush look, while others don't. It's all a matter of opinion. What is true is the fact that rims and tires which fill the entire wheel well and sit flush with your fender live give a far more aggressive look to the front of your car.

  • Wheel Spacers Will Adjust The Offset

If you purchase a new set of rims, and they don't fit exactly, or you have seen an amazing set second hand, and they are just a little too big, wheel spacers are a must.

If the offset of the rims is too high, the wheels will sit too far forward and may even run the inside fender liner when making a u-turn.

Other problems that may arise are the rims hitting the suspension, control arms or Coilovers. If you fit the correct wheel spacers, these problems can be avoided. The following video highlights more pros and cons of wheel spacers.

Know What To Look For When Purchasing Wheel Spacers

What is extremely important when looking for wheel spacers is to choose the right size. Choosing the wrong size of spacer could cause irreparable damage to your car and even cause an accident.

Adding wheel spacers may affect the alignment of your vehicle's wheel so remember to get them checked after you have fitted your new spacers. You might also be guided by the Westlake tires review when it comes to purchasing wheel spacers.


The Downside To Wheel Spacers

  • Increased Scrub Radius And Inner Fender-Well Clearance

While it is true that wheel spacers will increase the track width to your vehicle, it will also increase your scrub radius and your inner fender-well clearance.

This will, in turn, cause your steering wheel to want to recenter itself much quicker and cause you to make more effort when turning at low speeds.

  • Wheel Bearing Premature Failure

If you make the mistake of going too big when sizing the spacers and rims, this can have a dramatic effect on the life of your wheel bearing and cause premature failure.

The following video has more information on wheel spacers and whether they are a good idea or a bad idea.

Some experts say that wheel spacer is very unsafe to use as the load from a wheel is transferred to the axle through the friction of the clamped joint and not through the wheel stud.

The wheel stud can only bend, if the lug nuts are not adequately torqued. In which case, the wheel is about to fall off, this only happens should the spacer be installed by a non-professional. A properly fitted spacer should be perfectly safe.

Bottom Line

The question about wheel spacers a good idea or a bad idea, well, it all boils down to your personal choice. However, if they are fitted correctly, and you drive your vehicle correctly, there seems to be no real risk involved.

A wheel spacer is a cost-effective way to keep the wheels you have and increase your track width. So, are wheel spacers a good idea or a bad idea? It's up to you. You may check out for the best wheel spacers available. They have plenty of options available for you to choose from.


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