Why Can’t You Open Your Car Door From The Inside?

"Help! I can't open my car door from the inside." I hear you murmur. It is such a stressful and frustrating scenario that any car owner may deal with. Typically, problems with car doors not opening are caused by lock issues.

They may be due to electrical or mechanical faults. Some can be a simple problem that even car owners can fix themselves, while others can be a little more intricate to diagnose the core problem.



Reasons Why Car Door Won't Open

Several reasons are presented as to why you can't open the car door from the inside. Watch this video below

Failure to Unlock the Door

The first one is failing to unlock the door. Simple it may seem, it is very common for car owners to fail to unlock the door of their car. If the door is not opening, it is essential to check the lock first.

Seat belt problems may also cause your door not to open from the inside, especially if it's not completely retracted. Make sure it is not placed beyond the latching mechanism. If it does, give it a firm push from the inside of your car.


Mechanical Failure

Mechanical failure might also be the major reason. The problem may be due to failure with the mechanics in your door.

If you have the tools and skills, you need to take the panel out from the doors inside so you can get access to the mechanical elements of the car door.

Issues with the rods or door handle cables can also trigger your car door from not opening. In many cases, the door handle feels loose and seems like nothing in the door moves.


Fixing a Car Door That Won't Open From The Inside

When you experienced door locking, you should not allow yourself to get panicked. Instead, think of a possible way to remove yourself from this nightmare.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can use to make your travel still fun:

  • With manual windows, take the window crank away in cars. There will be preserving clip on the handle's back side or a screw in the handle's center.
  • Remove the door window panel. Though, the method for doing this will differ by model and make. Begin by sliding up the panel. Be careful when executing this method. Make sure not to crack the door panel.
  • Examine the linkage rods or cables at the end of the latch. Many car manufacturers make use of plastic clips for keeping the rod or cable to the latch device. Make a thorough assessment of them to identify any crack or breakage.

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You may consider buying a new door lock actuator. Many models offer such product at a reasonable rate.

Just like in blend door actuator, fixing your car door that won't open from the inside should not be painful, both physically and financially.

Now, you can't say "I can't open my car door from the inside," since several tips will help you address such problem efficiently, providing you have the tools and know-how required.

​So, if ever you are in such situation, don’t fret too much rather look for the reasons behind and fix them immediately.

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Avatar for Lotsoflove
Lotsoflove - December 9, 2018

Replaced inside driver door handle for 2001 Chevy Prizim but the door will not open from the inside. When you attempt to open the door from the inside the outside door handle pulls up like you are opening the door from the outside. No electrical issues. All other doors work properly. The doors lock properly etc. Door opens fine from outside.

Avatar for Deborah Hall
Deborah Hall - February 10, 2019

Thank you the only place I found an answer to my question all i want to know is the name of the cable that connects the door mechanism on a car. I’m no mechanic but i aint no damsel either.

Avatar for Tupolev
Tupolev - August 21, 2019

What about unlocking doors from inside when car is locked?
Should it unlock or not?
My opinion is that for safety doors can be open in any time.


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